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Outfit Of The Month (OOTM) July Is Here


July not only brings summertime fun, vacation getaways, sandy beaches and fireworks. It also brings a new Outfit Of The Month at The Dressed Up Tee Shop.

This month's outfit is inspired by camo and the fatigue color we love to rock.

Our featured tee is a relaunch of our best-selling Brains Beauty Believer Tee in Fresh Fatigue. And it's such a refreshing color to add to your wardrobe. If you have a ton of black or white tees this color will shake things up. Goes great with denim, black or white jeans (or skirt).

Included in this outfit is a new product to the Shop - the pencil skirt. We are too excited to now offer custom printed pencil skirts. Each skirt is printed all over, cut, and then hand sewn. If you're a fan of pencil skirts you'll love it. It hugs just right and has an elastic waistband for comfort. We're stepping out in style with our first design - camo!

Have you seen our new custom printed high heels?! They are a hit! We chose a red grunge pair to compliment our militant look for July. We love pairing a bold shoe with our outfits. Whenever possible go bold with your accessories to bring a look together.

Love all 3 items in our July outfit? You can bundle them together and save $10 off our July Outfit Of The Month. Get the deal here!

If you want us to dress up your favorite Dressed Up Tee send us an email and let us know! See you next month for our August Outfit.


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